In case you were wondering what do we offer, we are a team looking to improve productivity at home and also within the business environment. In order to achieve this, we work with 4 of the best IP technology brands in the US.

We provide technology products designed for small and medium size companies or groups that want to optimize their processes in the categories of:

  • Surveillance: IP cameras, network storage, video control, access control.
  • Communications: phones, media gateways, pbx systems, video conferencing, paging.
  • Infrastructure: switches, routers, fiber optics, extenders, network security.

IPlink USA is an authorized seller of Brickcom, Yealink, Snom and Grandstream. Keep reading and find out more about these brands.


Brickcom is the leading manufacturer of network video IP surveillance, dedicated to providing the best solutions being strategically located throughout the world to provide an immediate quality service.

This brand has a solid foundation for quality network and video equipment engineering with a Research and Development Department that has been producing wireless broadband technology for more than twenty years.


Yealink is the leading provider of unified voice, video and data communications solutions.

Customers from all over the world already enjoy their philosophy of “easy collaboration”, cutting-edge technology and high quality of their products.

Founded in 2001, it has a long history of innovation and a number of recognitions in Unified Communications Solutions.

It is also characterized by the constant development of VoIP communication solutions and by the manufacture of products with low carbon indexes.

This is why it is among 4 of the best IP technology brands in the US.


Snom technology headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany. This is one of the first manufacturers of IP telephones in the world.

This brand is not only a great designer, but also it has proven to be a leader in the development of programs for IP telephony.

It has incorporated many innovations, which define the current stock of IP telephones.

Furthermore, it offers a high-value line of rugged handsets for businesses such as the snom 300 series, followed by the snom 700 series, which includes high-definition color and sound displays.


Grandstream is the leading manufacturer of IP Voice and video, video surveillance, gateways and ATA with international presence.

It is currently a brand internationally recognized for its constant innovation in the VoIP industry, accessibility and quality of its products.

Headquartered in Boston, Grandstream has grown significantly since its founding in 2002. It currently has regional offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, Morocco, Venezuela and China.

Grandstream provides service to small and medium companies with innovative and high quality products; qualities that are evident in its extensive history of awards and recognitions.

IPlink USA: our job

As authorized sellers of 4 of the best IP technology brands, we offer the best products from their catalog at the best prices.

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