Nowadays communication strategies are commonly associated with digital communication but, using VoIP in Social Media Marketing will help you have a holistic approach to your clients.

Depending on the business nature, you’ll be able to introduce VoIP in the communication tools of the company, but always keeping in mind what the audience really wants.

In this article we’ll show you the benefits of these devices so you can distinguish from your competition and other brands!

1. Improve your customer reach

By using a professional VoIP device (like this one), you’ll be able to reach your customer beyond social media, this will help you collect information about comments and impressions about your work.

This is one of the best ways of sending a message to a large group of people and get feedback.

2. Connect with mobile apps

Right now there are lots of mobile apps that can connect directly to the VoIP in your work, this will help you have all the information right in your hand and to give your customer a better experience.

This is one of the best uses of VoIP in Social Media Marketing, since you can control the communication channels between the audience and the company.

3. Enhance you customer engagement

We talk about engagement when the customer stays loyal to your brand and interacts with it regularly. This can be made with social media strategies, but you can make it even better with VoIP services.

Try to stay active in every social media that your audience use and then start sharing information about your VoIP platform; it is an alternative way of communication and very easy to handle.

4. Boost your strategy

Using VoIP in Social Media Marketing is basically cheap, since you can get in touch with your audience immediately.

If you want to sell something, it’s well known that the best way to do it is by calling directly to your client, making a “cold call”, rather than just writing in an online platform.

In this case, you can use your social media channels to collect details and contact information of the people you want to communicate with, and then you can call them and start selling anything from your company.

Bottom line… Social Media Marketing can easily be mixed with the VoIP services in order to increase the power of a communications strategy.

They have different ways of getting information, but they also complement each other.