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VoIP Phone Accesories

Snom Wireless headset adapter

The snom Wireless Headset Adapter, for the control of wireless headsets is the bridge between professional VoIP telephony and professional wireless headsets. Compatible with Snom 320, Snom 360, Snom 370, Snom 720, Snom 760, Snom 820, Snom 821 y Snom 870. • Complete freedom of movement • Signaling of ringtone • Call acceptance on headset [...]

VoIP Phone Accesories

Yealink EHS36

The new advanced Yealink Headset Adapter EHS36 provides the technical interface between Yealink SIP-T48S/T48G/T46S/T46G/T42S/T42G/T41S/T41P/T40G/T40P/T29G/T27G/T27P IP Phones and a compatible wireless headset. It is approved for using with wireless models made by major manufactures, including Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser.